Southwest Minnesota State University Events

Welcome to SMSU’s Event Management System!  This is the place to find events, plan events and schedule events!

To FIND an event, simply click on “Browse” above and choose the “Browse Events” option.  The “Filter” option on the top right of the Browse Events page helps you narrow your search for a specific event, sponsoring group or event time/location.

To PLAN an event, look at the appropriate calendar below to find out what other events are happening on campus around the same time you would like to have your event.  These calendars can help you coordinate timing to take advantage of increased traffic from other events and avoid competing with another event that might draw people away from your event.

To SCHEDULE an event, you first need to set up an account with the “Create an Account” option under “My Account” in the above menu bar.  Once you are logged into your personalized account, the “Reservations” option will appear in the menu bar above.  Clicking on “Room Request” under the Reservations options opens a simple, fill-in-the-blanks form that will get you on your way to scheduling spaces and resources, as well as listing your event on the SMSU Events Calendar.


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Special Events Calendar
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